Book Flowering Your Mind

Improve brain function by creating with flowers.

"This is a book about flowers and the positive effect they have on improving emotional health and cognitive function."


As we search for quality and balance to our lives, finding ways to reduce stress and improve cognitive function are becoming increasingly more important to us. For many, especially those in the baby boomer generation, we have seen how advancing age and loss of memory can quickly create a situation of dependency and decline. Recommendations ranging from exercise and Mediterranean diets, to crossword puzzles and coloring books seem to pop up daily in the search to keep our minds active and our brains stimulated. But what if you were to find out that the simple addition of flowers into your life could improve your cognitive health as well as enhance your sense of well-being?
For centuries plants and their flowers have been the basis of remedies found in essential oils, tonics, and teas used to heal the body. Plants provide us with everything from food, clothing, and shelter, to medicine and oxygen. Remarkably, it is now evident that the brain’s response to the beauty of flowers provides yet another powerful gift: flowers can actually improve emotional health and cognitive function, especially when combined with some form of creative expression. Given today’s increasing number of stress-related disorders, dementia, and aging baby boomers, perhaps the benefits of adding flowers to one’s life holds at least one of the keys to maintaining a healthy, stimulated brain.
Flowering Your Mind combines research with practical suggestions and ideas to help you fully understand the flower-brain connection and learn to reap the cognitive and emotional benefits of creatively incorporating flowers into your life.